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Cloud Storage Applications Analysis in the development of security industry

The emergence of cloud storage, breaking the bottleneck of traditional storage performance and capacity, the technology can join the network a large variety of different types of storage devices to form a very powerful storage capabilities, achieve significant performance and capacity expansion, make mass data storage possible, allowing users to have a whole piece of cloud storage capacity without the actual storage tube, so as to solve the storage problem

Cloud storage concepts and features
With the popularity of digital security technology, monitoring technology gradually develop to high-definition, network, followed by massive data storage problems, the storage device gradually moved from the marginalized position to the center, and it’s porportion is substantially enhanced in monitoring system with the enhancement of centralization, traditional storage methods cannot meet the needs of network storage, cloud storage as a new storage service came into being.
The so-called cloud storage is one system which makes lots of different types of network storage devices to work together in application software by clustering applications, grid technology and distributed file system function;to provide external data storage and services access, that is to say, the cloud computering system with data storage and management as its core.

Cloud storage’s core is combination of application software and storage devices, to achieve the transform from a storage device to storage services.

We can see from Cloud storage defination, cloud storage has the following advantages and features:
( 1 ) ease of data management : Users migrate most of the data to cloud storage , all of the upgrade and maintenance work is done by the cloud service provider to complete the unified management of data ;
( 2 ) the storage capacity can be expanded : with this feature, users don’t need to consider buying storage devices when storage space is insufficient, cloud storage services can be extended based on the original storage space , to meet storage needs of enterprises ;
( 3 ) Cost-Saving to users: Users do not have to worry about equipment upgrades , data migration or equipment eliminated, these infrastructure loads are borne by the service provider , users do not need to buy new equipment for data storage ;
( 4 ) Data Security:  In Certified data centers, cloud service providers offer the most advanced data security technologies to users , such as disk- based compression , encryption, backup ; services and storage virtualization , duplication data delete , data protection and other applications use technology . In addition to the safety certification requirements , most providers also provide 24 hours of daily monitoring, management and reporting services, which can't be done by other companies.

(5) Unrestricted access: unrestricted access to cloud storage emphasis on flexible support to user storage, resource within services domain can be accessed and visited at any time.