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Advantage of Cloud Technology

The advent of cloud technology has changed the traditional model of security video surveillance, with the "cloud" concept enables network monitoring. Cloud computing not only to monitor the mass storage as possible, but also to massive video data mining to become a reality. Despite the cloud applications in the field of security has many advantages, but it represented in the field of cloud and security integration still experiencing no small adjustments.

Video Data Manager
Cloud storage allows video uses a lot of bandwidth, the follow-up question is brought massive data storage problems. Most surveillance storage solutions envisaged are stored locally, still above the monitoring program, for example, a month required storage 1tb, users spend more than one thousand yuan to buy a 1tb hard drive. But you should also be concerned about its hidden costs, including the cost of data transmission, data redundancy costs, or the most basic real-time monitoring of electricity.
In order to solve the hidden costs, users have to reduce the resolution and storage requirements, even worse is that the video effect decreases. Cloud security monitoring solutions make storage easier and hybrid cloud solutions can remotely store high-definition video, the significance of this effect is far superior to local storage

The concept of cloud-based video surveillance system on the bandwidth of the transmission is still facing big difficulties. Cloud Monitoring focus on massive video data transmitted on a different network. When bandwidth is not enough, can not play the role of cloud monitoring. Network bandwidth channels you get information from the Internet, and this channel is exactly what you need to get an important way video information from the "cloud" side. Of course, the normal Internet download speeds and monitor need upload speed is not the same.
In one instance, the small retail shops in five-way HD camera in order to obtain real-time HD video cloud need 10mbps of bandwidth, apparently ordinary household adsl difficult to meet this bandwidth can only be deployed after a public network dedicated application does not work, but the price is high amazing. Some security companies providing leasing services to third parties and the "hybrid cloud" model provides users with online HD video. Similarly, there are also small resolution provides cloud storage solutions to help make up for insufficient bandwidth issues.

Real-time monitoring
When monitoring content related to safety and financial management, and 0 seconds without delay monitoring is very important. For real-time monitoring of people's understanding can be equated to HD quality requirements. Cloud video surveillance is not only able to do fast real-time access, but also to ensure quality. qq and other mass will appear delayed remote video tool, but also as a remote monitoring and management systems, real-time monitoring not only need reliable network environment, device software requirements are also exceptionally high.

Cloud services allow users to choose more
Must face the fact that it is cruel cloud-based storage solutions and services provider, if you can not win the trust of users, providing business-critical services and data, the user is likely to choose other home service providers. Without involving any hardware costs, companies seem to do is make sure that surveillance cameras and encoders line with the mainstream trend, compression algorithms and transmission protocols certain reference mainstream standards. In the integration of their own business characteristics, to ensure that customers feel unique cloud monitoring service.
Subject to the gradual improvement of cloud monitoring services, companies and users will face more difficulties. But remember that the cloud is not equivalent to traditional cctv surveillance CCTV system, we need to give it time to adapt to today's network environment and user consumer awareness. Technology is no longer a problem; the future of cloud security technology is the key.

Co-ordinate monitoring and management
Internet-based cloud monitoring has also changed the way companies communicate with the user. A business management of thousands of devices of different users, and some monitoring from thousands of miles away, how to manage a lot of points surveillance equipment need to spend some effort. Especially in different areas of the camera, be sure to record them under normal operating records, master reports on system performance monitoring solutions to become the core of the cloud.
To prevent these far away cameras, these devices should be upgraded, and the exclusion of other remote system failure, this approach saves labor costs; make more efficient monitoring and management.