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1. How to do when you forget IPC/NVR Pasword
Please download instruction "Solution for forgetting IPC/NVR password" from our website: "http://www.vvs-cctv.com/download.html" when you forget our IPC/NVR password.
2. Why appear "Disk Full" when login IPClient Software?
If it displays "Your disk is full" when you log in IPClient software(For P2P IP Camera) please check:1: Don't install the software from attached CD directly,but copy software to your PC, then install.2:Don't install the software in Disk C, but other disks.
3. Why apprears "please use 32 bit core IE browser"?
When you visit web link www.nvsip.com for VVS IP camera and NVR, it pops up "please use 32 bit core IE browser", how to solve this problem? please download instruction from our website link: "http://www.vvs-cctv.com/download/4.htm" file name " IPC/NVR IE Browser view solution"
4. What is a network camera?
Definition Network Camera Network cameras, also known as IP Camera, IP camera, which is a kind of audio and video capture devices, and integrated network functionality, live sound and images can be transmitted to the network, users can watch the network at any time through the network cameras are filming the scene image . Network Camera with the difference between ordinary camera Ordinary cameras include analog video cameras and digital video cameras, they are the collected images stored in the camera inside, go back to re-use of a dedicated playback device to play out the stored images, in which analog cameras through the tape storage, digital cameras through the tape, memory card or miniature hard disk storage; Network Camera must be connected, it is the video to computers on the network, users can watch on your computer, or store images.
5. What is DDNS?
To access the network from the Internet camera problem: Users usually can only be obtained from the ISP's Internet IP address of a temporary (some ISP provided IP address is not a true Internet IP address, the network will be a serious obstacle to the use of video cameras), as shown, the router via ADSL cat was a temporary Internet IP address of the router do port mapping, PC2, PC3 obtained through the router at this Internet IP address, they can already access IPCam. Once the IP address has changed, PC2, PC3 can not learn, still use the previous IP address, resulting in access to IPCam unsuccessful. Use the DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name Service) can solve this problem, you can make a change in domain name and IP correspond, using the domain name, it can always point to the dynamic IP addresses, also called the dynamic domain name. Dynamic DNS implementation principle (based on the diagram): IPCam must periodically send information packets to the DDNS server (heartbeat packets), DDNS server, the information package from this Internet IP address of the router resolved and recorded. When the user typed in the IE browser to access equipment Dynamic DNS, IE browser will first visit DDNS server, check the router's Internet IP address, then the IP address to connect to devices. DDNS server device to send information packets, it needs to authenticate this information packet, and therefore required before the use of DDNS registered in the DDNS server, and set the DDNS domain name; the same time, you also need to fill out these registration information to the device configuration DDNS bar inside, so that you can use the DDNS service. DDNS include the following information: DDNS server. Certification of the heartbeat packets, while IP addresses resolution Dynamic domain name. Users to use the domain name to realize Device Access User name. Included in the heartbeat package inside, the user DDNS server authentication Passwords. Included in the heartbeat package inside, the user DDNS server authentication http://www.vvs-cctv.com/yunsin/index.php
6. Network Camera Lens Description
The network camera lens is an important component, it is the focus to the sensor on the scene to achieve image acquisition. Are many types of lenses, the lens listed below some of the basic common sense. Infrared Lenses: These lenses allow infrared light penetrates, it is mainly used for night-time use (mostly with infrared light as an auxiliary lighting). In the daytime, especially when used outdoors, because infrared light is very strong, and thus interfere with visible light, resulting in more serious color cast footage, and sometimes even unable to distinguish between color information. Color Lens: This class will not allow infrared light through the lens, mainly for daytime, outdoor environment, easy to distinguish between the various color information. Lens focal length: the longer focal length lens, you can narrow the gap between the more distant scene, but the more narrow field of vision. The shorter focal length, the greater the scope to see, but when you look at close objects, there will be some distortion. Smart-eye sales of network cameras are standard with a lens (infrared lens, short focal length, in order to achieve all-weather, large-scale viewing purposes), the user and if not, you can purchase other lenses to be replaced since.
7. When NVR work, some channel black, display “server broken”
“server broken” situation generally are generated by lost packets; it means data loss. There are many reason for this situation, such as switch bandwidth and network line quality and distance, to such problem, please check as follows: 1: Check whether crystal head is compacted 2: Change swithc port of certain IPC The biggest possibility is shortage of switch bandwidth.
8. Why NVR will not initialize and stuck while output from BNC port
Our NVRs DON'T support BNC output,ONLY support VGA and HDMI output
9. Why monitor screen is black while output from NVR HDMI port?
Because monitor resolution is different from our NVR. Please connect NVR with VGA output first, enter NVR menu,find NVR ouput resolution and choose 1920*1080 for HDMI, then change output to HDMI, the screen will dispaly image. In one word, VGA output works with all resolution(1280*1024;1024*768;1920*1080); but HDMI ONLY work with 1920*1080.
10. Why IPC images of certain channel are disappear
When connect with NVR, IPC images of certain channel are disappear, please follow below 3 ways to check: 1:Check whether all indicator lights on Switch are on, if not, the problem is caused by Switch power adopter 2:Check whether all data lights on Switch are on, if not, the problem is caused by switch transceiver or faulty wiring. 3:Check whether IPC power is on, if not, it is caused by IPC power or IPC fault.
11. Why IPC images are connected or disconnected continually?
When connect with NVR, some IPC images are connected or disconnected continually, please check with below 3 methods: 1: If you connect lots of IPC with multi switches, please check whether IPC quantity of each switch is average, if not, adjust its quantity, so that network resource to each switch is the same. 2: Please confirm bandwidth to NVR is enough, if not, to connect NVR with gigabit switch. 3: Please check network cable is in good condition, if not; to change the cable Crystal head or use another network cable
12. Why NVR can’t find IPC?
Please follow below 3 methods: 1: Check whether NVR RJ45 light is on; if not, to connect NVR with one Notebook directly, if the light is still off, it is problem of NVR; If the light is on, please check net cable and switch which connect IPC with NVR.2: Make sure the NVR has IP address, if not; please configure fixed IP address to NVR manually. 3: Check IPC power status, under normal situation, yellow and green lights of RJ45 port are on, the yellow light will flicker continually, the green light doesn’t flicker.If both lights are on, still can’t find IPC, please manually add IPC Cloud ID in IPClient software, and enable the DHCP. If both lights are on, but yellow light doesn’t flicker, please restart the IPC.